A public, unasked-for explanation, fwiw, as to what helped make my decision to be vaccinated.

At this time in our history, I believe it is important for me to remember that as I enjoy and celebrate the gift of life and want to live as long and healthy a life as I can, others do, as well. To that end, I am a member of a family, a community, a country, a planet and all of that is at great risk if the virus and its various strains are not eliminated or at the very least, severely reduced.

⁠As someone who considers herself to be a spiritual person, I seek to “listen” to that “still, small Voice within” that guides my life which I believe is not a life to be lived in isolation, but to be lived in relationship with others.⁠

It is concern for others that motivated me to set primary concern for myself aside, (possible side effects of the vaccination because of my compromised immune system) and be vaccinated, so that others may have a better opportunity to live.

That “still, small Voice within” reminds me of the importance of remembering that as I am in relationship with the Holy Other, the Creator, by whatever name one references the Source of All Being, I am in relationship with humanity and cannot live my life in isolation or selfishness.⁠

This decision did not come lightly. But it is a decision that was made in peace and continues to bring me peace.

This past week … our local hospital had more COVID cases in our Emerg than it had at the height of the virus and every single one of those people was unvaccinated.
This past week … a nine month old baby was diagnosed with COVID in this community.
This past week … a children’s day camp admitted that children (ages 5-10) and multiple staff became ill and were diagnosed with COVID. Children under the age of 12 cannot (yet) be vaccinated.⁠

The reality for me is – I am in relationship with each of those people, by virtue of our common humanity. I believe that to lean on my compromised immune system as ‘excuse’ (aka a reason for not getting vaccinated) is not kind or loving or respectful. I enjoy and celebrate the gift of life and want to live as long and healthy a life as I can. And I want others to enjoy and celebrate the gift of life and live as long and healthy a life as they can, so my decision to be vaccinated was not a difficult one.

I do not want to be a carrier of the virus to anyone. So I made the decision. And, I hope and pray, others will make a decision to be vaccinated so that the chances that they will be a carrier of the virus to anyone – me included – are greatly reduced.

© June Maffin