November, welcome!
In this part of the world
you mark the end of the harvest
and the beginning of the season of Winter.
You bring wind.
You bring rain.
And this year, you bring uncertainty.

And in it all,
pandemic notwithstanding
November is a time of
slowing down even more
making and eating comfort foods
curling up by the fire
getting lost in a great book
making applesauce
being creative
be-ing hopeful
.Yes, being hopeful.

There is always hope
perhaps not tangible
perhaps not visible
these days
but it is there
it is here

We are the hope
that after November
there will be a December
and a January
and a February
and so on and so on.

May we take each month as it comes.
May we take each week as it comes.
May we take day as it comes
and look to this month of November 
as a month where courage will be found
and hope will reign.
“Welcome, November!”


© June Maffin
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