I’ve been hearing it a lot lately. “I’m tired.  I’m weary.  I’m exhausted.”
There is a sense of fatigue that goes beyond the physical. It goes beyond the emotional. It goes beyond the intellectual.

As news of terrorist attacks, global viruses, hurricanes, tornadoes,
massacres in churches is shared, the world seems to move further away
from what many believe God asks (Micah 6:8) – to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God” and a fatigue that is soul-deep, causing a state of unwellness … personally, communally, relationally, globally, is surfacing and in some situations, exploding.

In the difficult times, Celtic spirituality invites thoughtful reflection.
“May the peace of the tallest mountain and the peace of the smallest stone
be your peace.  May the stillness of the stars watch over you. May the everlasting music of the wave lull you to rest.”

May rest come this night to the weary, bereaved, hospitalized, homeless,  institutionalized, imprisoned, addicted, fearful, abused.  And may peace come to the world this night and all nights to come.


Text © june maffin
Graphic unknown artist/calligrapher
(If you know the name of the calligrapher/artist who created this beautiful piece, I would appreciate knowing so that appropriate accreditation can be given).