When I saw these images, I was reminded of words in the Old Testament: (we are) “fearfully and wonderfully made.” <Psalm 139 verse 14>.

In the context of Biblical times, the word ‘fearfully’ was not based on today’s understanding of ‘fear,’ but based on the-then understanding of the word which was ‘awe’. And the word ‘wonderful,’ meant ‘filled with wonder’.

Awe and wonder summarize my response to the physical part of ourselves (our bodies) and to this planet, its inhabitants, flora fauna, animal kingdom.

When I consider the fibonacci sequence, fractals (branching in trees, arranging of leaves on a stem, fruitlets of a pineapple, flowering of artichoke, arrangement of a pine cone, etc., I am even more in awe.

If that’s even possible!

Have a look at these images
… co-incidence?
… creative imagining?
… divine creation?

The universe, the plant world, the animal kingdom, human beings, the environment) …. have been “fearfully and wonderfully made.” It’s all “Gift”.

As the receiver of these gifts, may we be responsible as their caregivers to the best of our ability..

© June Maffin