What are the lies from leaders;
the vitriol expressed on social media;
the lack of kindness on the road, in stores, in families, in volunteer organizations, at work, etc.,
teaching children, youth, grandchildren?

What it’s teaching,
isn’t good.

The ‘wand of negativity’ seems to be on the increase in so many sectors of society.
It takes so much energy!
It drains – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

The ‘wand of kindness’, on the other hand
doesn’t take anywhere nearly as much effort
Kindness can uplift – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Mother Theresa said
“Kind words can be brief,
but their echo goes on forever.”

May we pick up the ‘wand of kindness’
a bit more tomorrow than we did today.

May we wave the ‘wand of kindness’
a bit wider than we did this week.

May we  *be* the Wand
that brings kindness
to those around us
those we encounter
those we think about
those with whom we interact.

May we extend that ‘wand of kindness’
to ourselves in these difficult times.

Let’s wave the ‘wand of kindness’.


Quote: Mother Teresa
ATC (Artist Trading Card) June Maffin