I loved seeing what I saw downtown yesterday morning, so I took a photo:
… a sky foretelling colder weather ahead
… Christmas lights still on the trees in front of City Hall
… daffodils popping up out of the raised wooden boxes
(scroll down to see the whole photo of sky, Christmas lights and daffodils).

Will the flowers emerge before the snow arrives?
Will they emerge before the Christmas lights are removed?
Which will come first
… removal of the Christmas lights?
… arrival of the snow?

Ahhh, the little questions in life. They’re everywhere!

So are the big questions!
… “Why was I born?
… Why do some people hate other people?
… Why can’t we all just get along with one another?
… Why aren’t all people kind?
… Why do people believe provable facts?

May we never stop asking questions.

While we may not always have answers, questions often lead to other questions and when we find answers to those questions, not surprisingly, other questions arise!

Viva les questions!

© June Maffin