A winter storm has me indoors – snowbound. Not much of a change for the past year since the pandemic restricted most social activities, volunteer associations, connecting with family/friends.

I’ve been referring to this time as “3 – P” time as it’s been a time for reflection about Pandemic, Patience and Providence: … Pandemic … teaching me about Patience … reminding me of the presence of … Providence.
And during this 3-P “indoor” time, I have learned the word ‘meraki.’ [may-rah-kee]

Modern Greeks often use this word to describe “doing something with soul”: when you put something of yourself into what you’re doing, whatever that may be.

Meraki is about creative, loving, soul-awakening acts. Meraki happens when the soul is involved. Whether preparing a meal … caring for a garden … creating something artistic … caring for someone who is ill … arranging a room … praying for a situation/person … whatever – the end result of *perfection* isn’t the intention. If it’s done with soul, with passion, with love, then it’s ‘meraki’.

This weekend in some parts of the world, many are sharing meraki in acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, loving gestures/actions as they mark Valentine’s Day. Some are able to share a meal with their ‘special-someone’ because that person is in their COVID-bubble. Some have been creating/sending cards for this special day, giving flowers or chocolates, having a telephone visit or visit-in-person. Expressing meraki, they are letting another know that they are ‘hearted’ – loved’.

Sadly, while of this is happening, some are alone, receiving none of the above. They are lonely, isolated because of illness, weather, the pandemic, grief, hurt feelings, poverty, self-hatred, fear, and this Valentine’s day of commercial love is anything but a day of soul, of joy, of love. Where is the meraki?

If that is you, my hope is that, if only for a moment, you will consider yourself “hearted,” loved, and receive this Valentine ‘heart’ card I had fun creating. As you look beyond the imperfection of its creation and its lack of colour, I hope you know that it was created out of an abundance of love deep within my soul … meraki.

May you experience the love that went into its creation. May your Valentine’s Day weekend be a little brighter than it might otherwise have been. And may it bring a gentle flicker of light in your soul, for you are ‘hearted’.
You are loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

© June Maffin