Merry Christmas – the Twelfth day of Christmas.

On this, the Twelfth (and final) day of Christmas, the drummers were drumming.

Music ethnologists remind us that every culture has utilized the drum for a multitude of purposes, 
to touch the heart and communicate emotions, actions and messages in a variety of ways: social dances, feasts, sporting events, religious rituals, prelude to war, ceremonies, weddings, births, funerals, etc.

When drummers *drum*, they are trying to gain interest or support in some way.   In fact, the phrase “drum up” has become a favourite of people in business (drum up sales), as excuses (drum up an alibi or story), in advertising (drum up more customers) and yes, in politics (drum up support for a particular Bill / Amendment / Candidate), too.

As interesting as are the gain interest/support uses of the *drum* word, I’d rather “drum up” opportunities to
… be creative
… do acts of kindness
… be encouraged to make a difference that will bring about a better world in their sphere of life
… experience joy
… be involved in self-care
… dream
… ‘think’ before reacting
… imagine
… be hopeful
… find ways to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year.

G.K. Chesterton reinforced the hope that the Spirit of Christmas is lived every day by people of all religions and by people of no religion:  “Christmas which is now over, ought to go on for the remainder of the twelve days … one of the queerest things about our own topsy-turvy time is that we all hear such a vast amount about Christmas just before it comes, and suddenly hear nothing at all about it afterwards … I am going to plead for a longer period in which to find out what was really meant by Christmas; and a fuller consideration of what we have really found.”  
<G.K. Chesterton (journalist, English writer, poet, philosopher, lay theologian)>

Let’s keep Christmas alive in our hearts beyond this day – the twelfth day of Christmas – so that Christmas isn’t just “one day” – or just for those who are Christians – or only for the twelve days of Christmas. 

And while the Season of Christmas draws to a close this night (known as Twelfth Night), the Spirit of Christmas can continue to be alive in our hearts and lives *every* day!

Tomorrow morning, the Third Season of the liturgical Church Year – Epiphany (Advent was the first; Christmas is the second) – begins as what is known as the Season of Epiphany.

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Thank you for your encouragement of this series, your comments, and support of “Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul”.  As the year unfolds, may you be blessed in ways you cannot even begin to ask or imagine. 

<Special thanks to Cari Ferraro for permission to use her lovely calligraphy – see below for contact information about Cari..

Blessings to you,  June Maffin

Text: © June Maffin

Calligraphy: © Cari Ferraro
used with permission