Fear seems to be growing and on the rise around the world.
Added to the list of “things that bring fear” has been the global pandemic.

How to deal with the fear?
It’s not to get guns or attachments to make guns even more potent
or become a more militarized society
or let the fear grow and grow until emotional and spiritual paralysis set in.

What if we transformed our understanding and our approach to fear?

Transformed it so that we
E     verything that is
A    gainst
R    eason



O    penness and
P    ossibilities of peaceful action and response, by and for
E    veryone

Will changing our approach
to a single word
bring about change
within our Spirit?

Will changing our Spirit
bring about change
in our actions, our attitudes, our abilities to cope with the pandemic?

When fear attacks, may we Face Everything that is Against Reason
with Healing, Openness and Possibilities of peaceful action and response by and for Everyone.

Hope really is the only thing stronger than fear.


Photo and text © June Maffin