We have come to Monday in Holy Week.
Many continue to be alone because of the pandemic.
Alone with their thoughts.
Alone with their questions.
If anyone understands what ‘being alone’ means, especially this week,
it surely must be the man called Jesus.

We’re living in a pandemic.
The cloud of difficult days is becoming more and more of a reality for many people
A frightening reality.
The man Jesus, knew about frightening realities.

May this week be a time to reflect on what ‘being alone’ is
… for ourselves
… for others
and what it must have been like
for the man known as Jesus.

This day and every day
may we know who we are
and Whose we are
and the Love that surrounds us.

may you be blessed
with release
from pain

This day and every day,
may you be blessed
with an abiding sense
of love
a Love
that envelopes
and casts out fear of the unknown.

This day and every day,
may you be blessed
by the ability to breathe in Ruach,
healing, sanctifying, renewing
and be blessed
by a precious peace that passes understanding.

This day and every day,
may grace
and infill you.

And may this day and every day in Holy Week
bring a blessing
that touches your life
in ways you can’t even begin
to ask or understand.

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The image is a photo of some flower pins I have been making as gifts for friends as a sign and symbol of Love.  They were made using pieces of felt with baby pearls in the middle of the flower.


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© June Maffin