On this, the Third day in the Season of Christmas I wish you a voice!

A voice that would sing.

A voice that would be 
a voice for the voiceless in the world.

A voice that would let elected politicians know when they are not standing up for justice, not speaking truth, not representing their constituents but themselves in their words, actions and decisions.

A voice that would echo the cries 
of the innocent, the tortured, the unjustly tried and imprisoned, the abused, the homeless, the hungry, the minorities, the incarcerated children, the lonely, the isolated seniors because of the pandemic.

A voice that would write letters to the editor and speak out on behalf of local community injustices.

A voice that would be kind in word, thought and action.

A voice that would express your innermost feelings to loved ones before it is too late.

And a voice that speaks to your own heart with a gentle reminder that you are loved,  worthy, growing, evolving, ‘becoming’ your full potential.

Be a voice
… and sing!

Happy Third Day of Christmas!

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Christmas Day began the Season of Christmas in the Christian tradition, offering a lovely stretch of time to reflect, enjoy, delight in, and consider how we can bring a little bit of Christmas into our life and the lives of others every day.

May the Twelve Days of Christmas be a reminder that Christmas isn’t just “one day.”  The Spirit of Christmas can continue to be alive in hearts and lives every day – even beyond the Season of Christmas.   🙂