Merry Christmas – Tenth day!
On this day of Christmas, the lords were a-leaping!

Ahhhh, of course!   
They were young.   

But, what about those who cannot or can no longer physically leap? 

‘Leaping’ can involve more than ‘physical’ movement.
Leaping can involve our mind and spirit.
Leaping over limits, can open minds, nourish our spirit.

But what about the limits we place on ourselves?
… the limits society puts before us?
… the limits others place on us? 
… the limits the pandemic has brought?

We can still leap!
When astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, he set a gentle reminder that “one small step” for one person can lead to “one giant leap”  for all.   

When we ‘leap,’ others can be encouraged to leap over the limits they find blocking / restricting their emotional or spiritual growth.

But what if fear is what keeps us/them from leaping into the big decision: a house move … a project …  a relationship … a particular job or volunteer activity … whatever!   

Naturalist and essayist John Burroughs wrote: “Leap and the net will appear.”   

“The net will appear”!   
We can be creative in our leaping – even in this global pandemic. 
Let’s “leap”
… ‘leap’ into action
… ‘leap’ into healing 
… ‘leap’ into love
… ‘leap’ into hope
… ‘leap’ into joy
… ‘leap’ into peace
… ‘leap’ into personal growth.

Happy Tenth Day of Christmas! 
Happy leaping!

© June Maffin 
Artwork © Banu Moore  Used by permission