Merry Christmas – Tenth day!

On this day of Christmas, the lords were a-leaping.    Leaping?   Ahhhh, of course!   They were young.   But, what about those who cannot or can no longer physically leap?  

Leaping – especially leaping  over limits … opens thoughts as well as physical leaps.  What about those limits we place on ourselves … limits society puts before us …limits others place on us?   We can still leap  … when we become involved in creative leaping, in spiritual leaping, in emotional leaping.

When astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, he set a gentle reminder that “one small step” for one person can lead to “one giant leap”  for all.   When we ‘leap,’ others can be encouraged … encouraged to leap over the limits they find blocking, restricting their emotional or spiritual growth.

But what if fear is what keeps us from leaping into the big decision … be that a house move … a project …  a relationship … a particular job or volunteer activity or … whatever!   Naturalist and essayist John Burroughs wrote: “Leap and the net will appear.”   

“The net will appear”!   
Yes.   We can be creative in our leaping – even in this global pandemic. 
So, how about, in this first week of the new year, make this new year The Year of the Leap!

Let’s “leap”
… leap into action
… leap into healing 
… leap into love
… leap into hope
… leap into joy
… leap into peace
… leap into personal growth.

Happy Tenth Day of Christmas! 
Happy leaping!

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Christmas Day began the Season of Christmas in the Christian tradition, offering a lovely stretch of time to reflect, enjoy, delight in, and consider how we can bring a little bit of Christmas into our life and the lives of others every day.

May the Twelve Days of Christmas be a reminder that Christmas isn’t just “one day.” The Spirit of Christmas can continue to be alive every day – even beyond the Season of Christmas.   🙂


Text © June Maffin