This time of the year, here on Vancouver Island,
power outages happen 
and the waters which surround us, can be difficult
like tonight.

Stormy weather
… even tempestuous.

In the United States, a difficult time is happening
as mail-in and absentee ballots are being counted
and social media which infiltrate conversations, airways, papers, can be difficult
like tonight.

Stormy time
… tempestuous even.  

May the United States survive the storm
of the threat of violence
and the end of democracy
that the unknown-at-this-time election outcome brings.

This night and for however long it takes
before a final outcome is determined in the U.S. Presidential race
may we envision, imagine, visualize, pray for 
Light in the darkness
Peace in the tumult
Rest for the weary
Hope to the hopeless.

‘Tempestuous’ time
but hopefully
not for long

©  June Maffin

(Photo taken on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada at the beginning of one of our storms).