Welcome, Vernal Equinox. Welcome, to this part of the world, Spring.

Well, you’re technically here … and almost *really* here.  May we please have a little less cold, no more frost (or snow!), and more sunshine.  May we please have more blossoming flowers and shrubs and plants and trees; more chirping birds; more happy sounds of children at play outdoors (it *is* spring break for many children); and did I mention – more sunshine and warmth?  Please?

Oh, and may there be little, oh so very little, time between today … the official beginning day of spring … and when the frost and snow and overcast skies depart, bringing S P R I N G … aka – new life: new life in Nature; new life in aching bodies, new life in relationships, new life in political realms.

In anticipation of that happening and in thanksgiving for the fiftieth anniversary of Mr. Rogers’ of tv fame, I want to sing, a la Mr. Rogers’ style,  “Spring – welcome to our neighbourhood.   Won’t you be my neighbour?”


 Photo & Text © June Maffin
(photo taken in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island
in British Columbia, Canada)