Remember the poem “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is”? Some say it was written by Ogden Nash. After doing a bit of research, apparently not necessarily so. But, whoever created that little ditty – thank you.

Spring has sprung in this part of the world. And so has COVID19. Big time!

As a result of COVID19, more and more, people are being diagnosed with the virus. People are moving beyond social-distancing into self-isolation. Claustrophobia is settling-in on people living in small spaces or those who need to quarantine in a home where loved ones are in the same home but can’t share a meal or give/receive a hug because they need to be isolated in one bedroom of their home. Some are experiencing their home / condo / apartment / mobile – as a prison because they have been ordered to stay off the streets, stay home unless their work is such that it is deemed to be “necessary.” Fear about what the news will bring tomorrow – next week – next month seems rampant.

When will it stop?  How will the world around us become a more gentle place?  What will need to happen so that people experience life more as a blessing than a curse?

How about a Blessing Box?

Here’s how it works … each night, before going to bed, think of some thing, some one, some memory, some incident that has blessed your life that day.

It can be an emotion, an experience, a relationship, a gift (received/given), an insight. It can be something someone did for you or something you did for another but in the doing, you were blessed to be part of it. It can be a memory, a conversation, a quotation, an image, a book you’ve read, a song you’ve heard, a phone visit with a friend, a piece of music that stirred you. It can be a blog, a photo, a special email, a word spoken that touched your heart/spirit/mind, a colour with special significance, an ability that you’ve taken for granted most days, an experience, a walk you took, a moment in Nature, finding calm in some gentle, slow, deep breathing from the belly.

It can be … anything!

Write it down. Indicate the date on one side of the paper and on the other side, write a short note about whatever it is that blessed your day. Put the note into a little box and don’t look at it for a month.

And then in a quiet moment, open the box, and read about the blessings you’ve experienced in the past month.

No matter what kind of month you think you may have had, when the Blessing Box is opened, the slips of paper will reveal a plethora of reminders of a time during COVID19 where every day, there was at least one thing which tugged at your heart/mind/spirit and you acknowledged the blessings you hadn’t realized you’d experienced.

Sometimes, we forget the blessings that touch us because we focus on the yuck-of-life. Sometimes, we ignore the wonders of the world around us, the things we take for granted, and focus our attention on the hurts and concerns and fears. Sometimes, we forget the things that put a smile on our face because we are upset and angry.

The physical ramifications of COVID19 are serious. The emotional consequences of COVID19 are serious. We must do what we can to maintain a spirit of “we’ll get through this.”

A Blessing Box can be a simple tangible way to help us acknowledge that each day really does offer a blessing. And while there isn’t any scientific proof that simply recalling one blessing for every day for a month won’t rewire our brain from anxiety to calm, who knows – it might!

Each year when Spring arrives, the “Spring has sprung” poem goes through my head and puts a smile on my face. These daffodils on my back deck, that all seemed to burst into colour today did too. Looking at them was a wonderful breather from all the COVID19 news! And a blessing.

Can you guess what blessing I’ll write about to be put into my Blessing Box tonight? 🙂

© June Maffin