“Hope has two daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.” 

Augustine 354-430 CE was a Latin-speaking theologian and philosopher born in present-day Algeria to a pagan father and Roman Catholic mother.>


  1. Reflect on a moment in your life when you needed hope – and hope came. 

    In your Journal, describe
    …. the situation
    … your thoughts as you remember them
    … your feelings when hope became real
    … how that hope manifested itself in you.

  2. Remember a moment in your life when you needed hope – and hope was distant.

    In your Journal, reflect on the situation
    … your thoughts
    … your feelings
    during the situation.

  3. Were anger and courage manifest in you? 


  4. When there are difficult moments in personal situations and relationships when hopelessness seems present,
    … what?
    … who?
    has given
    you hope?

  5. When there are difficult moment in global situations when hopelessness seems present
    … what?
    … who?
    has given
    you hope?


How to use “Soulistry Soul-Questions”
You may want to begin a Journal so your responses are all in one place.

From time to time, a quotation will appear along with accompanying Soul-Questions.  Write the quotation. Add the first question and write your response. 

Take your time in writing your replies. This is your time – these are your answers. 

Then at your leisure, add the second Soul-Question and respond and continue on.  Btw, it helps to put the date after each Soul-Question response.

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