St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) is a day that brings forth … ‘the wearing of the green’ … stories of leprechauns … and gentle reminders of Celtic spirituality which seems to transcend institutionalized religion and get at the essence of life … like the Ancient Celtic Prayer for Peace and Sleep.

For many, sleep can be the elusive pimpernel of the night.

Night time, for many, seems to be … a time when minds seem to worry about more things … a time when pain seems to hurt more acutely … a time when grief seems to be more intense.

And lately, even more so … with COVID-19 spreading its tentacles in every continent … with more and more people in self-isolation … with growing numbers of people denied entry into particular countries … with increasing fear that if they get sick with the virus there will be insufficient ventilators / physicians / nurses to care for them … we need to sleep – and sleep well.

This night before St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps we would do well to welcome this adaptation of the Ancient Celtic Prayer for Sleep into our consciousness … as a prayer … as a wish … as a hope.

May the peace of the tallest mountain
the peace of the smallest stone
be our peace. 

May the stillness of the stars
watch over us.
 may the everlasting music of the wave
lull us to rest.”

May we all sleep well this night and the nights-to-come.
And may all awaken in the morning
experiencing peace in heart and mind and body.

Thank you, Celtic spirituality.  Happy  St. Patrick’s Day everyone.


© June Maffin
Ancient Celtic Prayer
Calligraphic artist: George Simpson Author:Unknown