Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote
“Earth’s crammed with heaven
each common bush aflame with God
Yet only he (sic) who sees, take off his (sic) shoes.”

If Divine Presence is everywhere
(“every common bush”)
can it be surmised that
there is *nowhere*
that Divine Presence, God, the Creator isn’t?

I love reading the letters
“n o w h e r e

They can say “no where”
AKA “it cannot be found.”
They can say “now here.”
AKA “it is evident.”

Many want to believe in miracles
yet few believe they exist.
To them, miracles are
“no where.”

Maybe they are looking for the magnificent,
the stupendous, the WOW.

And in doing so,
miss the miracle-in-the-ordinary
the “now here.”

When we take our ‘shoes off’
and become like a child about to wade into a cool brook,
we see the minnows in the water
the eagle flying overhead
the smile on the faces of those around us

We hear the laughter of others
and breathe fresh air into our lungs

We experience
the Divine-in-the-ordinary,
in the commonplace,
in the mundane,
in “every common bush.”

I want a miracle for my friends, diagnosed with final stages of cancer.
I want a miracle for my neighbouring country in the death-throes of political upheaval.
I want a miracle for the world in the midst of a pandemic.
I want a miracle for the people of Afghanistan and Haiti.
I want more than glimmers of hope.
I want miracles.
I want to experience “each common bush aflame with God.”

I guess it’s up to me
and each of us
to find the glimmers of hope
in ‘possibility’
and not inevitability.

I guess it’s up to each of us
to decide whether it’s
“shoes on – or shoes off.”

© June Maffin