Merry Seventh Day of Christmas!

When the seven swans went swimming, what did they encounter
… as they skimmed the surface of the water?
… as they paddled through waves that threatened to engulf?
… as they tried to stay afloat on the current that was driven by wind?

When we are swimming through life, what situations find us
… skimming the surface of our feelings?
… paddling through waves of fear that threaten to engulf?
… staying afloat when life’s winds of physical pain, grief, loneliness, fear, pummel?

Tonight is New Year’s Eve Day.
… a time when people hope and pray that the soon-to-end year difficulties, stresses, complications – the pandemic – will no longer be present in the new year
… a time when the desire for personal transformation often motivates people to make New Year’s resolutions to develop a better work/life balance, improve relationships, change perception/behaviour.

Perhaps the seven swans a-swimming on this Seventh Day of Christmas can become a prompt
to reflect on possibilities of personal transformation.

May this Seventh Day of Christmas encourage us to
… engage our feelings, rather than skim the surface
… discover ways to paddle through concerns we anticipate and encounter
… stay afloat when life’s winds pummel us.

May the New Year bring at least one blessing that you can’t even begin to ask, or imagine on this the last day of the year.

Happy Seventh Day of Christmas!

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Christmas Day began the Season of Christmas in the Christian tradition, offering a lovely stretch of time to reflect, enjoy, delight in, and consider how we can bring a little bit of Christmas into our life and the lives of others every day.

May the Twelve Days of Christmas be a reminder that Christmas isn’t just “one day.” The Spirit of Christmas can continue to be alive in hearts and lives every day – even beyond the Season of Christmas.   🙂



© June Maffin