There they were — mama and little ones, crossing the road.
I didn’t see them, but my dear husband did.
He stopped the car to let them pass <whew!>.
“Quick – get the camera!” he said.

I wasn’t really quick enough to capture what I wanted to,
but enough to remember the moment.
And, I will remember.

After all, isn’t life about “Remembering the Moments”
… the big moments
… the little moments
… the “I almost didn’t remember this” moments
… the “I’m so grateful I was here to experience
this word, this kind action, this look, this flower,
this loving gesture, this selfless act, this rainbow,
this meal, this person, this …”

Little did the little mama and her babies realize their stroll
across a busy intersection would impact my day
But it did.  And in a wonder-filled way,

Let’s not overlook, forget, ignore those precious moments
that bring wonder to our spirit, joy to our hearts
and bring a smile to our faces.
May we “remember the moments.”

© june maffin  SOULartISTRY