The wind blows. Floods and rising waters continue their devastating invasion. Smoke from nearby fires is frighteningly strong.  Lungs ache. Eyes burn. Breathing is compromised. Evacuations continue. Families fear losing their homes, livestock, pets, livelihoods, lives.  Painful tears.

The wind changes direction. Young men and women brought to their new country as babies or children face deportation.  Infants, toddlers, children, youth, separated from their parents continue to be incarcerated, uncared for, unprotected, terrified.  Painful tears.

The wind still blows.  People are standing up, speaking out, making their opposition known, not only in peaceful ways, but in not-so-peaceful ways.
Nuclear threats back and forth beg the ‘is war on the horizon?’ question.
Ordinary citizens ask why the law seems to serve and protect the most powerful but not the vulnerable, not the land, not the environment.  Painful tears.

The wind of ill-health continues to disrupt lives.  Addiction, chronic illness, mental illness, overdoses, accidents, loneliness, aging, grief complicate lives and finances and relationships.  Painful tears.

Painful tears … continue to fall from eyes, covering faces … continue to fall from hearts, covering souls as the sacrifice of those who died, so there might be life and freedom to vote and express opinions, often seems lost in rhetoric and anger.  Painful tears.

Tears – far too many painful tears at this time of fires and floods, hurricanes and starvation, earthquakes and tornadoes, political lies and abuse of power.   May painful tears be diminished by naming the fears (not letting them fester, or stifle conversation) about DACA, global warming/climate change, children in cages, bullying, abuse, political decisions … and by taking action.  Let painful tears flow and motivate to let in Light.

Photo & Text © June Maffin