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Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul ... soul-space connecting creativity and spirituality

Welcome to SOULISTRY: Artistry of the Soul
which is soul-space connecting creativity and spirituality.  A neologism, ‘Soulistry’ combines two words: soul and artistry through a variety of venues:
* Soulistry book (www.soulistry.com/books)
* Soulistry blog (www.soulistry.com/blog)
* Soulistry Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/soulistry)
* CWIPPE (www.soulistry.com/cwippe)


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June Maffin




Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote"Earth's crammed with heaveneach common bush aflame with GodYet only he (sic) who sees, take off his (sic) shoes." If Divine Presence is everywhere ("every common bush")can it be surmised thatthere is *nowhere*that Divine Presence, God,...

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This is going on my front door in the morningbecause if I were a parent or grandparent with young children ... or had a loved one living with me who had a compromised immune systemthis is what I would want to put at my front door And besides... I am my own 'loved one...

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fleetinglythe years fly bymarked by flames atop woven pillarsso manyso fastso soonwhile I ponderthe achesand stiffnessand forgetfulnessand at the same timerejoice for I am hereto see the candlesflamesatop woven pillars © June...

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The Book

Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul is available in Kindle e-book format as well as paperback format through Amazon, the Book Depository, and local booksellers.

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Soulistry workshops offer easy-to-learn techniques of de-stressing activity, relaxation, meditation and spirituality of play, nurturing the artist that lies within each of us through the creation of unique cards, envelopes, paper beadmaking, paper marbling, and more.