“Noli Timere.”

These were the last words of Irish poet and playwright Seamus Heaney.

Sent by text message to his wife, Marie, minutes before he died, the Nobel laureate told generations of aspiring writers: “Noli Timere” (Latin for: “don’t be afraid”): Don’t be afraid to take up the pen and write!

Throughout his lifetime, he implored politicians not to be afraid in choosing the path of peace.

Such wise advice.

“Noli Timere” seems appropriate in the crises our world finds itself environmentally, politically and personally.

The shadows of the little angel ornaments in my bedroom remind me of the importance of believing that tomorrow, somewhere in the world, the sun will rise and set – and there will be a tomorrow.

They remind me that leaning into fear doesn’t help anyone or any situation.

They remind me that there is strength in repeating / whispering / praying “Noli Timere: Do not be afraid” to myself when confronted by situations which evoke a sense of deep fear within.

“Noli Timere”, dear ones,

… whether facing fires, floods, extreme temperatures of heat or cold

… whether following the outcome of the impeachment of the incumbent President of the United States or threats put forth by leaders in particular countries

… whether dealing with personal health or financial issues or looking at grandchildren, nieces and nephews and wondering if there will be a safe world for them to raise their children and grandchilden

… “Noli Timere”.

© June Maffin