Ms. Squirrel’s prayer
as the wind howls,
the rains pummel,
the rivers and creeks rise,
the power flickers,
the animals hover together,
the homeless seek shelter.

O Creator-of-us-all,
I pray for the two-legged creatures who so foolishly ignore the signs that are all around
signs which, if they aren’t acted upon, will result
in even more damage to the environment in which we all live and
more lives lost through the pandemic.

I pray for those two-legged creatures who know the truth
about the coronavirus, environment and climate change,
and yet who choose to ignore it,
so they can make even more money than they already have.

I pray for wisdom and compassion for all in the two-legged world
so the spread of the pandemic will be stopped,
the devastation of this planet we share with them
and they and other creatures of yours will not come to an end.

I pray for unconditional love
to move in the hearts of those two-legged creatures
whose hearts are cold
and whose minds are focused on selfish ways.

Amen.  So may be it.  Amen.

© June Maffin
soulistry: artistry of the soul
<image: unknown photographer>