A child asks the everpresent question and the parents try to respond.

Sarah: “Daddy, Mommy, I don’t understand why some of the kids are so mean to Juanita and Shiandra. They say it’s something about them not being really part of our country because they don’t have the right skin colour.”

Daddy: “Well, Sarah, some people think that skin colour determines the goodness of a person and they don’t think these children are good.”

Sarah: “But they are! They’re good and kind and fun and I like them! I don’t understand.”

Mommy: “We don’t either, Sarah. Like these three eggs – each of you is different on the outside, but on the inside, you’re all the same … same colour blood, same organs, same ability to laugh and hurt and feel compassion and know what is right from wrong and …”

Sarah: “If only we could all just have our insides be our outsides.”

© June Maffin