There she was … in the lovely camellia flower tree.  Mama Robin, quietly, calmly, nesting.  As much as I wanted to capture this grace-filled moment, and move the leaves/flowers for a different and closer perspective, I didn’t want to disrupt her and took her photo from where I was.

She was so still, so intent on her calling to give birth.  It was one of those precious Moments-In-Time.  Moments when what we are doing, how we are feeling, where we are standing, what we are experiencing, who we are with, is perfect.  Moments when happiness, joy, peace, love, contentment overwhelm us and we feel connected to the Universe / God / another human being, in a way that transcends words.  Moments when we realize that we are here on Planet Earth for a purpose, even though we may not know, or understand, that purpose.

In those Moments-In-Time, our soul speaks and we listen.  Sometimes, we pass by Moments-In-Time.  We are unaware of the blessing that could be ours.  We are unable to experience the awe and wonder because of fear or worry about what may happen in the tomorrows of life or what the next hour of the day may bring.   Anxious, without knowing why, there is limited ability to see and appreciate the Moments-In-Time.

As I looked through the lens of my camera that afternoon, and Mama Robin focused on her calling to give birth, I experienced a transcendent, inexplicable experience of hope, joy and profound gratitude … one of those Moments-In-Time … and I was blessed.  Moments-in-Time are all around us … even in a camellia flower tree.

© June Maffin