The rains of the Almost-Fall season have arrived, bringing a reminder that rain can bring life to rivers; hope to parched lands; growth to plants, shrubs, trees, vegetables and fruit; bringing a reminder that rain can bring
flooding, devastation, destruction and even death.

Rain – mixed blessing.

Tears that fall from our eyes arrive, bringing a reminder that tears can happen in moments of joy, surprise, celebration and delight; bringing a reminder that tears can plummet down our face in moments of pain, grief, sadness, compassion and fear.

Tears – mixed blessing

Mixed blessings abound as moments of life,  moments of death unfold around us.  May Light, Hope and that precious Peace that passes all understanding be recognized, acknowledged, received … even in moments of mixed blessing.

photo and text © june maffin
The rose in the photo (mixed blessing: thorns and beauty) is from a rose bush in our front yard.
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