There’s just too much hate happening these days.  So let’s balance things out.  Let’s plant LoveSeeds!  Let’s sprinkle a bit of … loving kindness … loving thought … loving prayer … loving words … loving action in the world around us on social media and our emails.   Let’s sprinkle Love Seeds … in our neighbourhoods … in our families … in ourselves.

If you could use some LoveSeeds aka ‘use some love’ because you’re
… exhausted
… anxious … in physical pain … grieving … fearful … angry … frustrated … ticked-off … lonely … feeling fragile in this world that seems to be so alien these days for whatever reason, consider yourself gently hugged, affirmed, encouraged and loved and receive the Love Seeds that really *are* around, even when we can’t feel, see, hear them.

In ways we can’t even being to ask or imagine, may the Love Seeds we plant
and the Love Seeds we receive blossom and fill hearts, minds and souls every day.

Text: © June Maffin
Image Artist: Not yet confirmed after a lengthy search but I think it is Nonnetta whose FB page is here.
Am waiting to hear back from the artist for confirmation.