Fall has arrived!  Autumn is here!
It’s a beautiful time of the year.

After taking this photo, I couldn’t help myself.
I ran down the path
playing with the fallen leaves
if only for a few moments,
returning to life-as-a-child
when life was uncomplicated, simple, safe, and secure.

May we all take a break.
Take a gentle deep breath from our belly.
Let our mind drift far, far away
from the political yuck, pandemic, global issues,
from the nasty social media, personal stresses and crises,
from the anger and fear and bewilderment
and for a few moments,
let our imagination take us to a place
where we scamper down a lane covered with leaves,
joyfully toss the leaves up in the air,
inhale the smells of this now-upon-us Season,
listen to the sounds under our feet and over our head
as we play
as birds fly south
as we laugh and breathe and take a break.

Signs abound in Nature and within us
as we move into and through the Autumn Season of our Lives.

There are times when we feel alive and vibrant
in body, mind and spirit.
There are times when we realize that the withering of skin,
the creaking of bones, the aching of muscles,
the forgetfulness that can come with the aging process are simply part of the Autumn Season of life.

Is it wisdom to ignore these signs?
Is it wisdom to focus solely on these signs?
How to maintain balance and acknowledge the the cycle of life?  Perhaps trees and leaves can be our teacher.

When leaves change colour … the tree is still there.
When our face, legs, arms, neck, hands begin to wither
… we are still there.
When leaves fall
… not all fall at the same time.
When we rise from a chair or sofa
… stiffness doesn’t always remain with us.

Fall/Autumn is here.
Winter is coming.
In the meantime, if leaves and trees could talk,
perhaps they would remind us
to spread our branches
to acknowledge our natural beauty in each season
and to welcome life.

L’chaim!  To life!!!
Welcome Fall!  Welcome Autumn!


© June Maffin

Photos taken in Shawnigan Lake, B.C., Canada