She appeared out of nowhere. I didn’t intend to create her. The doodled angel emerged for me unplanned, unexpected. It was a mystery. It was a gift.

As I thought about and prayed for friends going through a difficult time
and about the fear and grief and anger felt by so many, I doodled on a scrap of cardstock and then, unexpectedly, she appeared.

I was in awe of her appearance, not just because she appeared, but because she seemed to be a reminder and reassurance of the presence of God, Holy One, Creator.

Perhaps not seen or felt or even believed in, the presence of the Creator or something (SomeOne) gives strength to move through a difficult time.  Some how, some way, whether seen, whether known whether believed in … or not … the Presence will emerge.

It is a mystery.  It is a gift. It is Mystery. It is Gift.


© june maffin