We’ve said it.  We’ve heard others say it.  When faced with something unbelievable, beyond difficult, not scientifically feasible or just when we are frustrated, the phrase “It’s impossible!” emerges.  Sometimes, it is impossible: human beings can’t fly unassisted by technology, birds can’t speak English, dinosaurs don’t roam the earth today.   But then again, sometimes phrases like “I can’t”  or “It’s impossible” are not true. Some things really are possible!   If we need  evidence of possibilities, we only need to look to Mother Nature.

When I noticed these daffodils protruding from a steep hill on rocks in early March in below-zero temperature, in bloom (!), I couldn’t help but wonder … if it were possible for the daffodils to bloom on those rocks (with all that seemed to make it impossible to do), then surely it is possible for me to bloom in difficult situations I encounter.  The words of my dear husband, lovingly spoken just a few hours before he died (“Remember, you’re stronger than you think you are”) echo within me when difficult situations present themselves.  Sometimes, all that’s needed is to realize that the word ‘impossible’ says “I’m possible!”

Personal situations may cloud the horizon, political decisions may cause fear to fear and it may seem as if what is needed (healing, reconciliation, open discussion, trust, integrity, dialogue etc) are impossible.  But if the focus is always on the negative of the letters I M P O S S I B L E, we don’t see the positive possibilities that emerge from the same letters.  And that could be to our detriment and to the detriment of our family, our community, our country, our world.

Possibility – not impossibility.  Who would have thought that a bunch of daffodils growing out of a rock would have reinforced that concept?  I’m glad they did … because I knew that while I wanted to blog about their existence, I didn’t have a clue where to go with it (under all of that was the thought of ‘it’s impossible”), but here it is – completed.

It really wasn’t impossible because I’m possible.
You are possible.  Our future is possible.


Photo & Text © June Maffin