Yom Hashoah – a day when the world pays respect to those who perished in the Holocaust under Nazi rule.  And because of Yom Hashoah, as I remember 

  • that horrific time in history for millions of Jewish people, gypsies, gays, ordinary citizens
  • other moments – in time, other places – of terror and suffering: Beirut … Indian residential schools … Paris … a school named Sandy Hook … the Twin Towers … a marathon in Boston … slave ships … a night club in Orlando … Las Vegas … a churches, synagogues, temples … caged children, youth and adults ,,, university campuses – and the list goes on … and on … and on …

the words of Rabbi Michael Lerner  (“The task at this moment …  remind ourselves that we are inextricably bound to each other and to everyone on the planet”) echo through my mind and I find myself

  • remembering lessons of the past
  • wondering if we will ever truly remember and learn
  • asking questions

    Questions like …

    If changes in gun laws don’t happen, now … when?

    If hatred for ‘the other’ whose skin is a different colour, worships in a different way, wears different clothing, speaks a different language doesn’t end, now … when?

    If immoral laws aren’t changed by new leadership, now … when?

    If political leaders lie and steal and are corrupt aren’t voted out of office … when?

    If children are not given the opportunity for a well-rounded education taught by competent, professional, respected teachers who are well paid … when?

    If those who are addicted aren’t treated as valued human beings who need professional help and are given that help … when?

If …

If not now,
W H E N ?


© june maffin