In the midst of … grieving the loss of yet another friend … learning that another friend’s husband’s dementia has taken an unexpected downward turn … hearing the anguish of several American friends caught in their government’s shut-down who did not receive a paycheque today … remembering that there are still children and youth living in cages … this photo speaks to me of – life and death – darkness and light – shadow and hope.

The hope? It’s in the clear sky … the bright yellow colour in the flowers in the foreground … and the healthy green leaves beside them.

The hope? It’s in a sign I read on a concentration camp wall that read “I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining. I believe in the stars even when I see them not. I believe in God, even when God is silent.”

The presence of hope is always with us. May we have eyes to see it, ears to hear it, hearts to feel it, and minds to believe it.

An aside, when I took this photo a few summers ago on the Oregon coast, I didn’t know why I did. Nor did I know why it seemed so important to have the yellow flowers in the photo.

Tonight, I do.

© June Maffin