I keep hearing the cry “what is hope?”  and “where is hope?” and am reminded of a quote by Augustine who, in the fifth century, wrote these words: 
“Hope has two daughters.
Their names are Anger and Courage …
‘anger’ at the way things are

‘courage’ to see that they do not remain the way they are.”   

Augustine died in 430, 
a time when many Romans fled for their lives to North Africa
because of violence and corruption in high offices. 
Hope was elusive to many. 
Hope seemed invisible to many.   

These days, many are experiencing
elusive hope,
invisible hope.
… you or a loved one have been diagnosed with inoperable cancer, a terminal illness.
… an eviction notice has arrived.
… politics, suspicion, conspiracy theories continue to confound
… children are hungry and there is no milk, no food.
… strains of the pandemic invade cities, communities, islands, townships.

Terrible times.

Augustine knew that the only way through terrible times
was for hope to emerge
and his words guided the people at the time. 

Could they guide the people at this time?
Could we be called to be
Daughters (Sons) of Hope?

What if we allowed the anger at the “way things are” to surface
by expressing the sense of helplessness we feel
with a trusted friend/colleague/professional?

At the same time, what if we responded with courage
by putting one foot in front of the other,
by remembering to breathe
by inhaling ruach
by making time to ‘be’
by sharing our fear, stress, concerns with caring people, in prayer,
and welcome opportunities to live
… one moment at a time.

Hope has two daughters. 

  © June Maffin

The heart was created after participating in the online “Wild Heart” class with Romi Marks, Tangled Yogi