Hello Sunday!
A new week begins
and it’s the first Palindrome Event in centuries
because the date reads the same backward and forward.
A unique day.

What will be released 
from within me this day?
from others in this world this day?

What will take flight
in me?
in this world?

May love and hope,
self-control, truth and kindness,
patience, gentleness, goodness, thoughtfulness, joy and peace
be released this day
from each of us into the world
wherever we live and move and have our being.

May hatred and violence
intolerance and fear
envy and terrorism
opportunism and people-seeking-power-for-personal-control / gain
take flight this day
from the world of politics
from religion, countries, communities, homes, each of us
and not descend again.

A new day begins.
A new week soon begins.
May ‘good’ be released.
May ‘not-good’ take flight.

Hello Sunday!

© June Maffin

The yellow branch-flowers in this photo are from a Witch Hazel tree in a friend’s garden.