The word ‘evil’ is spoken a lot these days by many people for many reasons.  Evil comes to us on tv, in face-to-face conversations, through phone calls, via text messages, FB posts, messages and emails, and even handwritten correspondence. Not just by adults, but by youth and children and elders.
Not just by politicians, but by ordinary citizens.  

It’s easy to … tweet or text or type first, rather than think. … react first, rather than respond … speak words of love, rather than show that love in action … enable others, rather than be honest … dwell in and focus on one’s own selfish desires, rather than allow the needs of others to be the motivating force.

When people say “All …” be that all religions or all politicians or all Democrats or all Republicans or all Conservatives or all Liberals
or all NDPer’s or all Jews or all Mexicans or all gays or all Italians or all Blacks or all trans or all Southerners or all differently-abled or all Americans or all poor or all elderly or all mentally ill
or all Asians or all youth or all … (fill in the blanks) and then make a sweeping statement degrading, disrespecting, bullying, ignoring anyone in a particular category, there is no opportunity for dialogue, respectful listening, compassionate hearing, genuine caring, sincere conversation, sharing of opinion, or elimination of prejudice/bias let alone reconciliation, healing, hope.

The world craves hope.  But if Hope leaves, what remains?  Evil.

Before the 8th century when the ‘hearing, speaking, seeing evil’ concept began to take form through the writings of Confucius, the Biblical teaching: “abstain from every form of evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:22 NKJV)
provided wise counsel. 
But evil didn’t go away.  Can it be defeated? Difficult, but yes.

It involves metanoia … a change in one’s way of life … a transformative change of heart … a turning-around — turning around *e-v-i-l* to become *l-i-v-e.*

It is time to stop … speaking … hearing … seeing … thinking … doing … enabling … denying the existence of evil.   Evil is real. It exists.  It is time to name it.   It is Metanoia Time.

“Let us not be overcome by evil … but overcome evil with good.” <Romans 12:21>

Text and Photo © June Maffin