The pandemic continues its stranglehold.
Life is still difficult, stressful, frightening for many.
And at the same time,
in this part of the world, summer is on its way
and for those who celebrate the Celtic tradition of the beginning of summer,
it’s Beltane! Celebration!
Joy and pain.

Roses are beginning to open and blossoms bring colour, sweet aroma and joy.
Thorns on the roses prick and sometimes bring pain and suffering.
Joy and pain.

Like roses, life brings joy and pain.

Yet in the midst of it all
is hope.

Look for it.
It’s there – it’s here.
It’s in the kindness.

While difficult to see,
sometimes even more difficult to experience,
as a new month begins,
let’s anticipate hope
… hope that the pandemic will run end its cruelty
… hope that life will return to some semblance of normalcy
… hope that people will think kind thoughts, speak kind words, act with kindness

It’s the beginning of a new month.
Lots of possibilities!
Happy month of May!

© June Maffin