Fragility … the quality of being broken, damaged, delicate, vulnerable, wounded, weak.

Many want to live in a world that is healthy, durable and strong.
Not fragile.

Many want to be perceived,
and perceive themselves,
as healthy, durable and strong
Not fragile.

But life can be fragile.
* The pandemic is real: people die and long-haul health issues are still being investigated.
* Some government leaders ignore the people they serve.
Instead, they serve their personal greed and lust for power.
* Weather changes cause breathing difficulties; homes to be damaged; people, animals,
crops to be injured and destroyed.
* Children are being shot: in their classrooms, on the streets, in their grandparents’ back yards.
* Unexpected health issues erupt and disrupt lives, finances, relationships.

Life can be fragile.
* People don’t listen.
* Feelings are hurt.
* Misunderstandings happen.
* Relationships end.

The voice of reason is silenced by
* greed
* ambition
* desire for personal power
* egotism.

Democracy begins to fade.
Grief causes hearts to break.

But … fragility can be seen as
* resilience
* possibility
* hope
* strength!

Think of the heart.
It pumps blood through the body
every moment
every day of life.
Hearts are strong and resilient.
We Are, Too.

Think of the eggshell.
It can be easily broken.
But put a raw egg, in its shell, in the palm of a hand
and squeeze.
Even under pressure,
eggshells are strong.
We Are, Too.

The “I-don’t-know-what-it-is object”
(less than one inch in circumference)
unexpectedly appeared while I was weeding.
It was
* delicate
* strong
* tiny
* beautiful … like spun-gold.

As evidenced by the egg, the heart, and this spun-like-gold-I-don’t-know-what-it-is” object,
may we take comfort and realize that out of fragility
There is hope!

Cognizant of the fragile reality of life around us
and at the same time mindful that others have lived in difficult and fragile times before us
of war, plague, violence, corruption,
there is another side of fragility.

We can be fragile.
We can be hopeful 
… if only for a moment.

And then another moment
and another
and another.

… survival
in the midst of


Photo & Text © June Maffin