When I first walked in front of this tree, I kept on walking. Then I turned back. I wanted to see if what I thought I saw, I really did see. I took its photo just to be certain. But there it was … a face within! Not carved by human design, but carved by Nature. And complete with hair, albeit green! 

Once again, I was aware of the connectedness of all Creation. To ignore our forests, our waterways – to ‘use’ them for financial gain in the short term rather than to treasure them for the long term – is to ignore a precious gift we have been given. 

Each night, my prayer is for this fragile planet Earth.
~ May all who dwell here treat it with gentleness and loving respect.
~ May policy decision-makers be guided by need, rather than greed.
~ May all remember that the generations which follow will need fresh water to drink and healthy sea / plant / animal life to eat.
~ May we never forget that those who follow us will need growth in forests to breathe clean air and heat their homes.
~ May the sanctity of the created order be treated with civility and common sense. 

Thank you ‘Face in a Tree’ for your reminder that just as we need you and all Creation to survive, you need all of us to survive.

© June Maffin
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