It’s here! Finally! Finally we have come to the end of Lent, the end of Holy Week, and it is Easter!

“Alleluia! Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! Alleluia!”

As the little girl stuck out her tongue at the other little girl, she exclaimed “So there! I told you so! I was right! My mother said that the earth is round and if she said it’s round, then that proves it!”

Proof. We want proof that is tangible, reliable, trustworthy.

And this day, we want proof of the Resurrection.

It’s here – all around us – not in the physical resurrection appearance of Jesus, but in the physical resurrection of Jesus’ hands and feet today.

It’s in the selfless action of …. those who staff the pharmacies, grocery stores, hardware stores, gas stations, car repair shops … health care workers, first responders, funeral attendants, nursing home workers as they care for the ill, dying, deceased.

It’s in the creative ways people are discovering they can keep in touch, see one another and share virtual Seders, birthday celebrations, Easter dinner with loved ones, worship services through technology and still maintain social distancing.

It’s in the kindness of volunteers … picking up groceries (for the elderly, self-isolating, quarantined and immunocompromised) … sewing surgical caps (for ER staff) … adapting their 3D printers to make masks for hospital/medical staff … putting together meals for the homeless, for the shut-ins, lunches for school children, Food Banks …

Proof of the Resurrection?
Christ is risen in you.
Christ is risen in me.
“Christ is risen!”
“He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!”

© June Maffin