I keep hearing the cry “What is hope?”  and “Where is hope?” and I am reminded of a quote by Augustine (early Christian theologian, Roman African  and Neoplatonic philosopher  whose writings influenced Western Christianity) who wrote in the fifth century: “Hope has two daughters. Their names are Anger and Courage … ‘anger’ at the way things are and ‘courage’ to see that they do not remain the way they are.”   

After living 73 years, Augustine died in 430,  a time when many Romans fled for their lives to North Africa because of violence and the corruption in high offices.  Hope was elusive to many.  Hope seemed invisible to many. 

Sound familiar?

Augustine knew that the only way through the terrible times they were living in was for hope to emerge. 

His words guided the people at the time. 
Could they guide the people at this time?

Could we be called to be Daughters of Hope?

What if we allowed the anger at the “way things are” to surface because those in power lie and deceive to accomplish their selfish aims?

And, at the same time, what if we responded with courage by speaking-up, speaking-out and voting to see things “do not remain the way they are”?

Hope has two daughters. 
Anger and courage. 


  © June Maffin

These two dancing “Daughters of Hope” were made by gently wrapping paper napkins around wire folded into body-shapes to form their bodies and dresses.