Has this ever happened to you? Life is going along … a few hiccups here … a few hiccups there.  But then a curveball comes … out of nowhere!

Has it ever happened to you?  Of course it has.  Life wouldn’t be life without curveballs.  Sometimes the curveballs are such that they are predictable.
Sometimes they are anything but predictable … like these curveballs:

When the vet said, “It’s time.  There is no cure for your beloved pet, only suffering” and you know you have to do, but you don’t want to do it.

The day the driver in the car, blinded by the sun behind the woman on a bike ride, ran into her.  Your friend died … and he lived,  knowing he had killed another human being.

When the symptoms began gradually, but weren’t recognized as  “symptoms” until it became clear that something-wasn’t-quite-right. When the testing and waiting for tests began. Then came the waiting for results
And then the diagnosis. … the big “C.”

No one goes through life without a curveball or two … or twenty-two or … But life isn’t about the *number* of curve balls. Life is about adjusting our perspective and not letting them define us, not letting them destroy us.

Curveballs. Life.  Happens. Tt’s up to us to learn how to handle them.

© June Maffin