They’re heeeer! 

Yes, it’s that time of the year … “Black Friday-Cyber Monday” when people rush to stores, eagerly wait for the countdown on their computers in the hopes they can buy, buy, buy.   Not me. 

This coming Sunday is Advent 1, and as part of my Advent preparation and anticipation of Christmas, instead of “buy presents,” I’ll try to “be present much more.” Instead of “”wrap gifts,” I’ll try to “wrap someone in a hug” … in-person-hug or cyber-hug. Instead of “send gifts” so much, I’ll try to “send peace” more … in my thoughts, in my prayers, in my actions.  Instead of “shop for food” I really don’t need so much, I’ll try to “donate food” more.
And while I look forward to “seeing the lights” in my neighbourhood at this time of the year, I’ll try to “be the light” more than I have been.

When I consciously try to remember and put these into practice, I find that the Advent gifts of hope, peace, joy and love become more pronounced and help me focus on what is truly important to my soul.  

May the next four weeks bring an Advent blessing to you in ways that you can’t even begin to ask today, let alone imagine.  

© June Maffin