What to do when the night is long, the physical discomfort is overly present and sleep evades ? Create! It’s a great way to focus on something other than pain and inability to sleep.

This year, I decided that my gift cards and gift tags to accompany my handmade gifts would be Dot Mandalas. But first, I had to make them sooooo, last night, I did.

And then this morning, on the Eve of the Season of Advent, I put up the little tree, decorated it with royal blue Advent lights and added the wee gift tags. I may make more to add to my tree permanently after these (presently in a ‘holding-space’ on the Advent tree) are attached as gift cards or are shared in Christmas Card exchanges.

And yes, the night passed gently and meditatively as the wee cards/tags were made for which I was and am, very grateful, which is a lovely way to enter Advent Eve.

I wish you a gentle day, today, this Advent Eve. And, if you’d like to learn how to make these Dot Mandalas … scroll down under the photo.

Blessings to you,
June Maffin

© June Maffin

“DOT MANDALA 101” easy directions:

How to create Dot Mandalas, just google them. There are lots of videos out there. 🙂 But in a nutshell, the paint that is used is acrylic (the stuff from the Dollar Store works really well) … the ‘tools’ are special dot mandala tools which can be purchased on-line OR you can use the eraser end of pencils, embossing styluses, straight pins (if you’re doing really ‘fine’ work), dowels, different-size round brushes, etc.. In other words, look around at your home/the Dollar Store and see what different things you have that will make different sized ‘dots’.

Get some black cardstock/watercolour paper (I like working on dark navy or black but you can work on any colour background you like) and this technique works great on rocks and CD’s and records which are best painted (acrylic) in black and then dried before doing the dot mandalas.

They’re “mandalas” because they are made from first creating a circle. Then you divide it into various even-sections (quarters / eighths) and into smaller circles if you want some guidelines all using a white erasable pencil. I like the one that quilters use – Fons Porter – but the chalk pencils used in sewing, work well too.

Put a little bit of each colour you’re going to use in a small paint tray or on a dish and begin — centre first and work outwards … remembering to refresh your paint with each “dot” … choosing your “size” of tool … and remembering to clean your tool/pencil end between each dot.

If you want to make smaller “dots” in a line, don’t refresh your paint each time. The paint does the magic on its own. 🙂

I started with different sized (circumference) pencils and eventually broke down and bought a set of Dot Mandala Tools.

A bit of a warning <g>, this can become addictive! But, it’s a very inexpensive art form with all sorts of possibilities (design/colour/original shape/turning into a handmade card).

If you try it out, hope you have fun and, as I’ve found making Mandalas, will find making Dot Mandalas to be a gentle meditative process. 💕