This night,
in the midst of chaos,
the wind howls
the rains pummel
the lakes, rivers and creeks rise
the power flickers
the snow piles up
the fires continue to rage
the animals hover together
the homeless seek shelter
and a wee rabbit utters this prayer:

“O Creator of all,
this night I pray for the two-legged creatures
who stand upright in their bodies yet
who don’t stand upright in their morals or actions
who so foolishly ignore the signs that are all around
because if they aren’t acted upon
even more damage
to the environment in which all live
will happen.

Dear Holy One Who-Knows-The-Truth,
I pray for those who know the truth
   about the environment and about climate change
and yet who selfishly choose to ignore it
so they can make even more money
than they already have.

Dearest Thee Who Loves All Creatures,
I pray for unconditional love to move
in the hearts of those two-legged animals
whose hearts are cold 
and minds
are focused on selfish ways.

This night O Creator
… Holy One
… Hearer of Whispered Concerns
Listener of Unspoken Fears
… Gentle Bearer of Grief

remind us that
this earth is sacred
the waters are sacred
the sky is sacred
the people and those in the animal kingdom are sacred

Countries are on the precipice of electing new government officials
remind those seeking office
and those as they go to the voting polls
of your call
to be good stewards
of the lands, the skies, the waters

and remind them
that without the lands
skies, waters, animals, mammals, plants, insects, trees

Amen.  So be it.  

© June Maffin