“She lied!”
“He isn’t telling the truth!”

How often those words are creeping into our vocabulary when we think of certain politicians, leaders at work/religious organizations/volunteer organizations, the media.

Integrity used to be something that was expected from people in positions of leadership who were the very people we expected could be trusted. But sadly, it seems that this is becoming less of the norm. As word of cover-ups from the White House, Wall Street tycoons, the Vatican, political campaigns, universities, churches, etc. filter out, erosion of trust is the result.

Where does it start?
How does it continue?
Why isn’t it stopped?

Remember the movie/book “Bambi”? In it, the cutest of rabbits called Thumper, lived his life by a simple phrase taught by his mom: “If you can’t say sumthin’ nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all.”

This Thumperism is based on the Golden Rule that underlies most religious and philosophical thought … “love of neighbour” — a ‘love’ that is expressed in action, not just in word.

Perhaps this erosion in trust – this decline in integrity – begins when we are young, and continues as conversations (on the phone/in emails/in person … friend to friend, family member to family member) which end with a quick “love you,” but aren’t accompanied by action that show respect, lovingkindness, and integrity? If so, then it’s not surprising that feelings of betrayal result.

Julie Andrews sang to Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady “Don’t talk of love – show me.”
… if politicians really cared-for (‘loved’) the people they are called to serve
… if family members really cared-for (‘loved’) the people in their family
… if we really care-for (‘love’) all humanity
then we wouldn’t just mutter the ‘love you’ words
we would
… show honesty
… show truthfulness
… show vulnerability
… show compassion
… show transparency
… show integrity

Surely to “do nothing” is to contribute to the further erosion of integrity and the ultimate demise of our world?

If we were a “show me” society, there would not be people (at work, in politics, in religious organizations, in families, on social media, in community groups) who lie … and cheat … stab in the back … use others.

Let’s be a “Show Me Society”
– one person at a time
– one encounter at a time
– one moment at a time.

© June Maffin