Prompted by a deep conviction that everyone is artistic and creative in some way, the mission of “Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul” is to encourage people to live a balanced life with purpose, joy and inner peace.  Workshops and retreats offer creative and artistic avenues of exploring connections between ‘soul’ and ‘artistry’ and between creativity and spirituality. And what is spirituality?

For me, spirituality is an exploration of the deep mysteries of life.   That exploration can happen in nature, worship, silence, prayer, interpersonal relationship, meditation, community, solitude, crisis, peace, sickness, health, confusion and even times of doubt and questioning --- in other words ... life.

The soon-to-be-published “Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality” book will be available on Amazon, Chapters and local bookstores.  Pre-orders are welcomed.  Through the use of quotations (Soulistry Journal Prompts) from a variety of people - a variety of ages, belief, living in different cultures and times and a series of questions (Soulistry Soul-Questions) intended to encourage the reader to explore what they believe and who they are, this book nurtures readers on their spiritual journey, encouraging them to recognize the holy and sacred in the ordinariness of everyday living.

I hope you’ll spend some time glancing through the various pages of this site.  Welcome!  


is a coined word:

…“Artistry of the Soul”

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