“Disturbed by God: A Journey
of Spiritual Discovery”


This book (originally published by Anglican Book Centre in Canada and Forward Publishers in the US) is now out of print.  It is now available as an e-book: $15.00 US.  Click:

We often overlook those moments when God speaks to us, those times when the Creator “disturbs” our lives. Could it be that we miss those moments because we tend to look for dramatic evidence of God’s direction, when ordinary instances abound, if only we were aware of them?

Although this e-book is a record of such disturbances in the life of the author, you may want to use it to reflect on your own faith journey and to become more aware of God’s disturbances in your life.

The e-book is in three sections ... Chapters ... Reflection Starters ... Appendices

CHAPTERS: Framed by poetry in the Prologue and Epilogue, the Chapters narrate the life of an ordained (in the Anglican/Episcopal church) woman.

Reflection Starters follow each section of the narrative and include questions which are designed to:

  1. Encourage attention to the situations (God-incidences) in your life you may have ignored, not noticed or forgotten

  2. Challenge deeper reflection about your life / ministry / work / relationships

  3. Enhance your understanding of spirituality, religion, Christianity etc.

  4. Nurture your spiritual journey

APPENDICES: provide information to help you work with the material in the book.

May your journey with the Holy One who called you into being,
continue to “disturb” your life in ways that are exciting, challenging, nurturing, encouraging and fulfilling!    june