Soulistry Workshops

Soulistry Workshops are offer opportunities for creativity in a relaxing atmosphere, encouraging the connection between creativity and spirituality through fun and easy artistic adventures.
No ‘art experience’ necessary – at all!

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In A SPIRITUALITY OF PLAY workshop, participants are invited to experience playful creativity in a safe, nurturing environment and explore several art techniques that will encourage them to discover the “child-within” in a gentle and delightful way that deepens their sense of spirituality.


As the ‘ordinary’ is transformed into the sacred, artistic soul-space is created, creativity is re-awakened, playful nature is released and spirituality is enriched in new ways in the AWAKENING THE CREATIVE SPIRIT workshop.


Simple-and easy-to-make books will be created in a fun and playful atmosphere in BOOK MAKING 101


Create your own handmade cards using simple and fun techniques in an atmosphere of play, learning and fun in CARD MAKING 101.


Mime, music, creative spirituality journaling, movement, laughter and silence are interwoven in the creation of a personal clown as a ministry of clowning is nurtured in CLOWNING 101


In a CREATIVE SPIRITUALITY WRITING workshop, a quiet and sacred experience of artistic reflection, renewal and creativity encourages a discovery of how ‘sight’ becomes ‘insight’ and the invisible presence of the holy in the visible world and within.


Mandalas have been used around the world as a form of mindfulness and creativity for centuries.  The Mandala (a Sanskrit word for sacred circle) is both a process and a tool that can bring us to a place of inspired creativity and deepened spirituality. The primary intention of the Mandala is to fully open ourselves to “being present” in the artistic process rather than creating a finished product. The MANDALA101 workshop provides simple techniques to experience creative self-expression and feelings of stillness, peace and spiritual renewal.


Explore the child-within and play with saran wrap, shaving cream, felt markers, coloured inks, water, pastel chalks in new ways as beautiful one-of-a-kind marbled paper is created in the PAPER MARBLING workshop.


In each of the PAPER BACKGROUNDS series workshops, a different technique (Stained Glass Paper; Paste Paper; Bleach Paper, etc) will be explored. This fun workshop requires no art skill or previous experience.  Wonderful results turn into unique handmade cards, book covers, place cards, wrapping paper, placemats, bookmarks and more, helping to make the connection between creativity and spirituality.


Come to a ZENDOODLING 101 workshop and leave with a new easy-to-do art form that will delight and amaze you, nurture your spiritual journey, provide countless hours of playful and gentle relaxation and stimulate your muse in the creation of unique greeting cards, paintings, calligraphy, envelopes and more!

“I would highly recommend June’s workshops for anyone looking for a unique way to explore their creativity and spirituality.”

Judith Coleman

Anglican Church of Canada

“Soulistry awakened my creativity and supported my quest for spiritual awakening, understanding and enthusiasm for life.”

Liz Carter

British Columbia

“Art is not a natural activity for me, but June’s ability to nurture the creativity within had me not only happily participating but also delighting in the freedom to express my spirituality in a new medium.”

Barbara Coleman

President, Diocesan ACW (Anglican Church Women)

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